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To Our Friends
Dear Friends,
I am writing this letter to only those that are close to our heart and know Mary Ann and me personally or have been touched in some way by our ministry. You may be on some of our other lists but this one will only be for personal correspondence and encouragement.
As I was praying this morning I felt like the Lord wanted me to put this list of friends together so that we could pray for you and have you in turn pray for us. We are very thankful to have so many friends and deeply appreciate your prayers and gifts.
The past four years have been extremely tough for us as God told us to sell everything we had and give to the poor and move to South Texas for an extended period of time. It took us three years to sell our stuff but the treasure that we have received in return is far greater than anything we could own.
This next year will mark twenty eight years that I have known Jesus and in this time I have made some very serious mistakes, but God has brought me through everyone of them although I carry some very deep scars that only time will heal. This past week I read a newsletter about a silversmith and how silver is purified and refined. A woman asked the silversmith how he knew when the silver was heated enough and he said to her, when I can see my image in it.
I don't know if God can make out His image in me yet, but that is my goal, to shine for Him. If you are going to walk with God He will definitely turn up the heat and burn up everything that is not of Him. Mary Ann has suffered too these past few years with illness and the death of her father, but again God has remained faithful.
Mary Ann and I want to make ourselves available to you and your families to pray and minister in any way that we can. If you have special prayer requests please call or email us and we will be glad to stand with you through whatever you are going through. This list as well as all of our lists are confidential and no one has access to any of them so feel free to share your requests with us.
The Lord has directed us back into full time ministry and we are preparing to launch out into the deep trusting Him for our every need. He has always taken care of us and this time will be no different. We will be counseling those with life controlling issues, holding seminars and working in the areas of evangelism and ministry to the poor and needy .
Please let us know your needs and your prayer requests and please keep in touch. For more information on any of our services please contact us at:
Restoration Training Center
P.O. Box 162932
Ft. Worth, Texas 76161
May the Lord greatly bless you and cause His light to shine on you!
Your servants in Christ, Tim and Mary Ann Laughlin