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The Wisdom Of God, Part IV

My son, if you receive My words, and treasure My commands within you, so that you incline your ear to wisdom, and apply your heart to understanding; yes, if you cry out for discernment, and lift up your voice for understanding, if you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures; then you will understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. Proverbs 2:1-5

    The wisdom of God is infinite, for by it the worlds were formed, the universe and all it contains. No one can measure the depth of God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and only by the revelation of His Holy Spirit can one receive of the treasure chest of the Most High.

    In order for one to truly know God, one must search as he would for any hidden treasure, just like the miners of old digging for buried treasure, mining for gold or diamonds would do, so we too must dig in the scripture and seek her as silver for that which God has hidden for His children! I began this journey when I first obtained a Bible after my salvation experience and was taught to study to show myself approved as a workman handling accurately the scripture. As I began to see the treasure of His word revealed to me by the Spirit it encouraged me to dig deeper for the treasure that endures forever!

    For the past thirty five years I have preached His word, taught from the scripture and exhorted His people to do likewise, but sadly, not many ever pick up their Bible and very few ever really spend any time getting to know the greatest treasure, more valuable than anything this universe contains, for themselves, but instead will run to this meeting and that, attend church, but are never ever able to come to, or dig for, the revelation that God has prepared for them!

    But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained (predetermined)  before the ages for our glory. I Corinthians 2:7

Your servant in Christ, Tim Laughlin