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Thursday, February 08 2018

In the unreality of the liberal mindset I could scarcely believe what I was hearing from one of America's top self help gurus, Dr. Oz. On his show he was interviewing a young lady who at one time was an up an coming singer who was allegedly raped by one of the "Backstreet Boys" fifteen years ago.

    I am all for sexual predators being prosecuted and sexual harassment stopped but what I heard from this young lady really angered me. Teary eyed she explained that she was invited to the man in question's apartment, and she agreed to go, wearing a seductive blouse, bare midriff and very tight revealing pants.

    On her arrival she was offered a drink and maybe a few more than she was used to and proceeded to make out with this guy whom she had just met. After things began to heat up he took her into the bathroom and they continued to make out until he wanted more, and she declined, but it was too late because he had arrived at the point of no return and raped her!

    Now ladies! A little advice from an old guy who has seen it all, "You don't walk into the cage of a hungry lion carrying raw meat!" You will be consumed whether you think you have rights and have control of what a man does to you after you have aroused him to the point of no return! Was it rape? Yes! Could it have been avoided? Yes!

    Same day on TMZ Pamela Anderson, someone who is very familiar with sexual harassment made a statement about women protecting themselves in situations that arise, even to the use of martial arts if necessary and one of TMZ's female employees went ballistic on her saying she was "Victim Shaming!" BS! The only way to stop this nonsense is to never-ever put yourself in a position of compromise with a man, especially wearing seductive clothing, making out and getting drunk with him, because men are hard-wired for sex and they read your body language saying to them it's OK! I promise you will become a victim!

 Tim Laughlin

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