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Friday, January 29 2016

Has a nation changed it's gods, which are not gods? But My people have changed their Glory for what does not profit. Jeremiah 2:11

    If you are going to a dog fight you don't take a Chihuahua, or a little kid, or a mamma's boy, you take a gun powder-fed "Trumpasaurus!" Being a born again Spirit filled believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am not concerned about politics or the condition of the country because my primary citizenship is the Kingdom of God who provides all of my needs, regardless of the financial chaos in America.

    Don't get me wrong I love America, served my country in the Marine Corps and would love to see this once great land restored and turned back to a God, deeply offended by her behavior, being expelled from her government that is filled with a brood of liberal minded greedy politicians who are only concerned for themselves! The government is broken, bankrupt, corrupted by men and women who tell you what you want to hear and elected by a people deceived into thinking that they will do what they say by a liberal media who can't tell their right hand from their left!

    Since the advent of the "Obama-nation" America has fallen prey to an "Anti-Christ" led, wicked and underhanded agenda that has destroyed the country's ability to prosper, being re-directed into a socialistic godless society that will eventually suffocate and die. The founders built this nation on Judaeo-Christian principles taken from the scriptures and intended it to be a nation under the guidance of the Most High God of the Bible giving everyone else the freedom to worship whoever or whatever they choose, but for the primary religion to remain Christianity.

    This message is not an endorsement for Trump, but in order to destroy this corrupt cesspool of politically correct, complacent and totally unable to function on any level government it will have to be totally trashed and transformed from the inside out! Because of Trump's crass demeanor and his lead, follow or get out of the way attitude, the media's heads are exploding and the GOP is in a panic, worried that their comfortable padded positions will be done away with, leaving them in need of a real job! What would you rather have: a Captain of industry, who loves to win, has been successful in operating a multi-billion dollar conglomerate on a budget, or a bunch of politically correct candidates who will cater to an Islamic ideology and pander to our enemies and make deals with the devil?

    I say, "Loose him and let him go!" Let him rip up this nonsensical array of political idiocy and destroy their agenda to lead America into being another godless socialistic third world country, who will ultimately be run by evil dictators. The choice must be a hard one that may save what has been lost, it may be a war fought by men who are not afraid to offend and defend our rights and freedoms, men like Patrick Henry who said bravely, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord! Psalm 33:12

Your servant in Christ, Tim Laughlin

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