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    And believers were increasingly added to the Lord's multitudes, of both men and women, so that they brought the sick out into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall on some of them. Acts 5:14,15

    The power of God was evident in Peter's life as people were healed by his shadow, but I believe the anointing of this new assembly of believers was strong and they were also preaching and sharing the Lord, causing multitudes to be saved, healed and delivered!

    Imagine the power today if everyone in the church of Jesus Christ was trained, equipped, baptized in the Holy Spirit and sent out into the harvest, instead of being convinced to stay, sit and listen once a week to a talking head! The world as we know it would be transformed by the supernatural power of the gospel and the individual anointing of the body of Christ!

    Satan has successfully dragged up from the pits of antiquity the old priesthood, complete with "Priest," the Senior Pastor, (found nowhere in scripture) the temple, (one on every corner) and the supposed "Divine order" of a flock of sheep being fed by a man whose position is only mentioned a couple of times in the New Testament. The result of which renders absolutely nothing but a multitude of weak and powerless babies who cling to a human shepherd sucking the life out of him and starving to death spiritually! (Let this sink in! Next devotional: Divine Order)

    Also a multitude gathered from the surrounding cities to Jerusalem, bringing sick people and those tormented by unclean spirits, (demons) and they were all healed. Acts 5:16

Your servant in Christ, Timothy Laughlin