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Elijah- Prophetic Blueprint for the Church

Elijah represents a type of Jesus in the Old Testament giving us a prophetic pattern of the design of the church. As I was seeking the Lord and reading about this powerful prophet God began to show me the very blueprint of not only the first church at Pentecost, but the last days church represented by Elisha, anointed with a double portion.

Elijah's name means God the Lord and Immanuel or God with us. As Elijah comes upon the scene he is sent to a poor widow about to eat her last meal and die representing the church in the condition she was in then and now, starving for the Word of God and devoid of the Spirit. Elijah instructs her to give of all she has as a sacrifice and as a result the provision of God explodes with supernatural power meeting her every need.

Elijah then performs and even greater miracle by raising her son from the dead. It's interesting that the child was in an upper room when Elijah raised him. I remember another upper room where 120 folks agreed in prayer after Jesus had been ressurected and 3000 were raised from spiritual death.

The next thing that Elijah did just like Jesus did when He entered His home church was to confront the leadership. He told Ahab that he and his father's house had forsaken the commandments of God and followed after the Baals. Jesus told the Pharisees that they were whitewashed tombs full of deadman's bones and all uncleaness. He asked them how they would escape the sentence of hell.

After confronting the leadership Elijah challenges the powers of darkness that were controlling God's people. The name Baal means master. The leadership of God's people had allowed Jezebel to seduce them into the worship of demons. Jesus defeated the devil in the wilderness by using the Word of God against him and then went about doing good healing all that were oppressed by the devil.

Now to make a long story short heres the pattern: As Elijah is a picture of Jesus look very carefully at this analogy. Jesus prayed and fasted forty days before He built His church and I'm sure Elijah being a powerful man of God did the same and the result was this:

Elijah prayed and fasted, confronted the powers of darkness, destroyed the strongholds that held God's people in bondage, chose twelve stones and built an altar representing the choosing of the twelve apostles. Twelve is the number of the government or leadership of God. Elijah then orders that twelve buckets of water be poured on the altar and the sacrifice representing the washing of the water of the Word of God.

The sacrifice is a picture of Jesus giving His life for us as well as we being living sacrifices for Him. Then Elijah calls upon God and fire comes down from heaven and consumes the sacrifice denoting the Holy Spirit coming down in the upper room and in our individual lives for as the scripture states,our God is a consuming fire.

The result of all of this is the appearance of Elisha, the end time church built of living stones ,empowered with a double portion of God's Spirit representing the embodiment of the Lord Jesus Christ in the earth possessing the very fire of God. Preaching the true gospel of the kingdom, casting out demons, pulling down strongholds, raising the dead and healing the sick. Praise be to God!

In these last days God is raising up true leadership by the emergence of the fivefold ministry made up of men of God that have been forged in the fires of trial and tribulation. The apostles hold the very blueprint and design of this last days glorious church led of God.