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Wednesday, August 25 2021


Now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool, which is called in Hebrew, Bethesda having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of sick people, blind, lame, paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had. John 5:2-4

    A certain man was lying there who had an infirmity for thirty eight years waiting on the angel to stir the waters, but the man was paralyzed and there was no one to put him into the water! Jesus saw him and asked him, "Do you want to be made well?"

    I would have thought after thirty eight years this man would have figured out a way to get into this pool first, but year after year he just laid there and watched everyone else get in before him! Jesus was testing his faith and how big his "Want To" was. We had a man in our drug program one time who always said that concerning one's ability to get free from drugs and how bad they wanted it!

    Many want to be healed or delivered, but how bad they want it depends on whether they will receive it or not and be healed! So, do you need a touch from God? If so, "How big is your want to?"

    Jesus said to him, "Rise, take up your bed and walk." And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked. John 5:8,9

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