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Wednesday, November 18 2020


    O Lord do not rebuke me in Your wrath, nor chasten me in Your hot displeasure! For Your arrows pierce me deeply, and Your hand presses me down. Psalm 38:1,2

    Although the Holy Spirit was bringing about rebuke and displeasure upon David and his relationship with God was shut off, David remained stubborn and refused to repent! For over a year he refused to acknowledge his sin until he was approached by the prophet Nathan!

    Stubbornness hardens the heart and produces spiritual blindness and deafness that drowns out the conviction of the Holy Spirit. David was miserable, being a man who had a deep relationship with God, but now a deafening silence from the throne of the Most High! Bathsheba delivered a son and it seemed the affair and murder of her husband was buried and forgotten until God sent His prophet to expose the deeds of darkness!

    Nathan showed up asking for an audience with the King and proceeded to tell David about a man who had a friend stay the night with him and took the only pet lamb his servant had rather than from his own flocks of sheep. He had it killed it and served it up and David stood up demanding that the man who did this should die! Nathan then said to him, "You are the man!" Convicted, he fell to his knees and confessed before God!

    There is no soundness in my flesh because of Your anger, nor any health in my bones because of my sin. For my iniquities have gone over my head; like a heavy burden they are too heavy for me. My wounds are foul and festering because of my foolishness. Psalm 38:3,4

Your servant in Christ, Timothy Laughlin
   Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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