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By Faith, Part VI

By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised. Hebrews 11:11

    Abraham's wife, after first not believing that someone her age could conceive, later took God at His word and became pregnant and birthed the son of promise, Isaac. She is probably the oldest woman in the history of the world, being in her nineties to conceive and deliver a normal healthy child.

    When we agree with God's word and stand on His promises, nothing shall be impossible to us who believe! Remember, faith is a substance from which to build and when united with the word of God can accomplish much. We as the people of God must become assured of His word and put our trust in Him, and Him alone. You can't have one foot in the world and the other in the kingdom and trust God, you must be sold out in order to receive the blessings of God and answers to your requests.

    Abraham was given a promise that he would be a father of many nations, an unbelievable dream for a man in his nineties and an even greater task for his wife, Sarah who also had to take God at his word. Both of them believed and God worked a supernatural miracle of multiplication and thousands upon thousands of people came from the loins of the father of faith, too old to the world but ripe for the harvest with God!

    Therefore from one man, and him as good as dead, were born as many as the stars of the sky in multitude-innumerable as the sand which is by the seashore. Hebrews 11:12

Your servant in Christ, Tim Laughlin