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Breaking the Stronghold of Addiction
    For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. II Corinthians 10:4
    Addiction is a stronghold in a person's life created by a lust left unchecked, a generational curse or the willful act of breaking God's law. Contrary to popular belief, addiction is not a disease that can be cured, it is a sin that must be repented of, and the blood of Jesus is the only remedy.
    Jesus died and rose again to set the captives free, free from bondage, free from sickness and free from anything that would form a stronghold in ones life. Addictions to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, gambling and eating only lead to death and destruction creating disorders and diseases of all kinds. Mankind is plagued with addiction and because of it billions have been spent to no avail producing thirty and ninety day wonder programs that attempt to free you, but in actuality only lead you into further bondage.
    If the sin of addiction is not dealt with according to the word of God it will lead to futility and a life of hopelessness, living one day at a time waiting to fall again into the trap of abuse, and the cycle begins all over again. The longer the addiction the longer the cycle is allowed to form a stronghold that is intended to hold you until death do you part! Millions have succumbed to the trap of addiction and the cemetery's as well as hell have gorged themselves on the good intentions of those that are going to quit tomorrow.
    If you truly want to be free of your stronghold of addiction and desire to know the truth that is able to set you free, then this program is for you. I was addicted to alcohol, tobacco and $2000.00 of cocaine a week, not to mention marijuana, hash, opium, and speed for over fifteen years. Jesus set me free thirty years ago by washing away my sins with His blood and renewing my mind with His word, and today I am free!
    The path to addiction always starts out smooth, usually an enjoyable experience or a euphoric feeling leading you to think you can handle the situation and quit anytime you like. Substance abuse is like trying to charm a cobra, once you think you have control and let your guard down, its too late, you have been bitten. Now something that started out as your friend has turned into a fierce enemy that has taken you captive holding you in the grip of death.
    I have seen many a promising career, a shining star or beautiful young lady devastated by addiction, brought down and wasted away, many beyond reach. Ravaged by disease, minds blown out and bodies deteriorated to the point of death. Young girls sold into prostitution for the promise of one more fix, turning in their money and sent out again to be used like a mindless doll.
    If you have been taken captive and have tried numerous times to free yourself, there is hope and Jesus is His name. He cares about you and is concerned with your welfare and He is the only way to freedom. Secular programs, treatment centers and twelve step meetings will only put a band aid on arterial bleeding and hold you in further bondage. Do you want to be a recovering addict one step away from failure or someone that has been released from his captivity into freedom forever?
    The choice is yours, freedom or bondage, truth or lies, life or death, the key is in your hand and the price has already been paid. If you or a loved one has been held by addiction and you are truly serious about getting free then contact us and learn more about our twelve week intensive out patient program that will break the stronghold of addiction. We are a non-profit, non-religious organization that has been involved in the ministry of restoration for over twenty five years. For more information contact us.
    You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32