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America Was Founded by Immigrants!
Nearly half of the population of the United States can trace their roots to Ellis Island, the point of entry to the land of the free and home of the brave. A melting pot for all races seeking asylum from tyranny and wanting a better way of life for their families.
Immigrant- one who establishes a home in a new country, a pilgrim, colonist, homesteader, pioneer and settler. Sound familiar? I believe the native American was the first homesteader. From the beginning America was a refuge for anyone seeking to better himself.
One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all ! But is it really? Or is it really a place for the strongest to survive, the smartest to succeed and the most competitive to win at any cost? Did our ancestors not murder and cheat the Native Americans out of their land, did they not enslave the African American and end up killing one another to keep them in servitude during the civil war?
In the name of '' Remember the Alamo '' and love of freedom did we not drive out these'' nowaday illegal aliens ''from their own country and ban them forever. Remember Texas was Mexico before we drove them out, God bless America! This country is guilty of shedding more innocent blood than Hitler ever dreamed of.
From the time of the great railways coming together to connect this great land the Asian people have been oppressed and murdered and made to work for pennies in the name of commerce. Greedy entrepreneurs exploiting honest hard working people in the name of profit and selfish ambition and it has remained as such up until this very day. May God have mercy on us for this great travesty of justice.
Segregation, discrimination and racial profiling have deeply wounded whole generations of good people who didn't measure up to the white man's standard of excellence. The Confederate flag is still flying in the South and in the hearts of men trained from birth to hate anyone who is different. Someday the books will be opened in heaven and the truth will come out about all the evil that has been done in this country in the name of liberty.
By now you are probably getting pretty upset about what I am telling you, but deep within your heart you know it's true. I know thousands have given their lives for truth, justice and the American way, but lets not sweep under the carpet whats been done to thousands of innocent souls that were murdered and treated unfairly so that wicked men could prosper.
Until America as a people and a nation repent and ask God for mercy for all the innocent blood that has been shed in the name of God and country, not to mention the fifty million un-born children that have been murdered, aborted by greedy doctors motivated by dollar bills, judgment is eminent.
Hypocrite- one who pretends virtue. Jesus said, '' woe to those who call evil, good and good, evil.'' How shall you escape the sentence of hell? The hypocrisy of it all is that Americans have hired illegal aliens for hundreds of years because they do good work and they are cheap labor. They perform tasks that no American would do because they are always threatened by deportation. Senators, Governors and even Presidents have been guilty of hiring illegals.
To solve the problem of illegal aliens and immigrants we have to first, cut off the food supply. By that I mean we must quit hiring them illegally and create a system for them to come to America legally and work through a process that is not impossible for them and let them obtain their citizenship and the opportunity to have a better life like everyone else.
Lastly, amnesty means to pardon or to forgive and it amazes me that those that call themselves Christian refuse to forgive. If we don't forgive God won't forgive us. Jesus came to this planet to forgive all of our sins, past, present and future. America was founded so that people could live in a land that provided them freedom to worship the god of their choice. Sadly, the worship of many gods has become commonplace in this country. Freedom in America means to do what you want , when you want to with know one telling you what to do. Freedom has turned into rebellion and the worship of other gods in this country and has turned what was once good into idolatry.
Judgment has been slowly coming upon America for years, beginning with our children rebelling against their parents, drug and alcohol abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. Today, cancer and heart disease is killing millions, sickness and death is everywhere. Since 911 the entire southern coast of America has been virtually wiped out and we are so desensitized that we don't even look up, we just look for the next disaster.
I believe that there is hope if we will just slow down and ask God to forgive us for our sin and the sins of our unfaithful ancestors. We as Christians have a primary citizenship in the Kingdom of God and we are to be ambassadors of reconciliation promoting mercy and forgiveness to a lost and dying world. We are immigrants from heaven sent to earth with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only thing that will change the heart of America.
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us. I John 1:9,10