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A Message to the Bride

    I was given this by a lady who received it from God as a word, not only for her but for the true body and bride of Christ.

    My daughter, I am taking you down a path that your eyes have never seen. It is a long and narrow path and there are many pebbles as of bronze along the way. There are large and small pebbles, and high and low ones, and you will stump your toe many times.

    But if you continue to walk and look not to the right or to the left, I will take you on your way. There will be fire along the way....burning torches on either side....and as you pass through, the fire will burn! But I am sending the breath of the Holy Spirit to go before you and blow down the path and smooth the pebbles.

    They will become smaller and smaller and the bronze will change to gold along the path. And as you pass through the fire, your body will change and the glory of the Lord will come round about you and at the end of the path....the glory will shine forth, and even the sheaves will bow down to you, as they did with Joseph.

                                                                                         Judy Helbing 1987